April 25, 2008

It is 12:50 in the afternoon right now and I'm doing my blog because I won't be home tonight to write it up.

As I type this I'm at the library, Kalli is running around with a new friend that she just made, and we're awaiting Becky's lunch time to get here. We will be going to lunch with her and then Kalli and I will be making our way over to drop Andy off at work. Tonight when I pick him up, we'll be heading out to the bars to help Becky celebrate her birthday. Mind you her birthday isn't until Monday, but for some reason, Mondays aren't very good days to go out to the bars. It has to do with work and all that jazz.

Last night, or should I say this morning at 2:30, Cassie called me into her room. She didn't feel good. After moving her into my room and getting her settled, she did end up getting sick once. Then she fell asleep and I started not to feel the best. Since that time my stomach has been "icky" feeling, but I just try to keep moving. We did end up sending Cassie to school today. She was feeling fine and wasn't running a fever. I'm just hoping that this isn't a sign of sickness to come.