April 21, 2008

Cassie came home from school today quite upset. She has another loose tooth. And we all know how much she hates loose teeth. If you don't know...she HATES loose teeth. Once they get to a certain point, she stops eating and talking. She barely breathes. It is at this point that I work on getting her to let me pull the tooth.

Cassie now has 3 loose teeth in her mouth, 2 missing teeth, and one tooth just beginning to peek out of the gums. At this rate, it won't be too long before she is completely unable to eat because she won't be able to bite food off. I'm sure she'll figure it out...all kids go through this fun stage. But, honestly, I love seeing it and wondering how she is going to do it and if she is mentally going to make it through. This may be one more thing to add to the list of things to talk about in therapy when she gets older.

Kalli isn't feeling the greatest. Friday night she started running a fever and it has been pretty steady since then. It goes down when she is on Ibuprofen, but rises again onces the medicine wears off. She has no other symptoms, but it is making her quite clingy and sleepy. I figure I only have one or two days left of it before she is back to her normal self and running constantly. I'm truly enjoying the extra cuddle time.