April 14, 2008

Is anyone else fed up with "customer service"? I can't remember the last time that I had a GOOD experience with customer service. Honestly!

Today I was suppose to have a meeting over the phone at 1230. They were suppose to call me. They never did. Andy did some calling this afternoon and was given the run around completely. I ended up calling finally and when I was talking to them they were talking over me. Mind you I was not happy at all, but they were not placating at all. When Andy went to go to work tonight he noticed that his tire was low. This is the same tire that we had fixed 3 days ago. Of course, Andy is calling tomorrow about how well they "fixed" the problem.

I feel like customer service has just taken a nose dive lately. It no longer exists. The customer is never right and people that are put there to help you are just downright rude. And to top it off every where I go I have to deal with the horrible customer service.


Ok...done with my ranting. For now.

Today while out at my aunt's house the girls played outside for a while. I got lots of pictures. Here are a couple of my favorites.

In this picture Kalli is handing a tennis ball to Matt for him to "shoot" for Hunter. Hunter is very excited about this.