It's an addiction.

I'm addicted. To making jewelry making. Each night Andy comes home to me making more jewelry. I really enjoy it.

Multicolored necklace....This one required me to do some metal bending. First time for this, but I think it looks very nice.
Teal/Aqua bracelet. Matching earringsPink/reds necklace....2nd that required bending metal. Need to get a adjustable chain for the connection so that it will be adjustable.


Today Cassie had a dental cleaning. She was nervous even though she knew what would happen. And as usual for her, nervousness leads to tears. She did well though and got through it. She has no cavities and they are very happy with how her teeth look.

Unknown to my children, Kalli will be going in before the next school year. I've signed her up for 4-year old Kindergarten and she has to have a dental exam and vision exam before starting school. I'm sure she'll be excited. After her first appointment, I'll work on getting the girls onto the same schedule so that I'm not running to the dentist 4 times a year for the two of them.

Tomorrow Cassie has a play date with one of her friends and their sister. I'm excited for this play date because the sister is 12 and is such a big help with entertaining all the girls.