The Kitties meet.

Today Lightning got out of our room and Buffy got in.

So, we decided to let Lightning of run of the apartment during the day. We'll still close him up at night, but during the day he can go where ever. This is also nice because we can see how Buffy reacts to him.

As of now....Buffy watches him and hisses/growls if he gets too close, but that is it. Lightning had tried several times to get close enough to smell her...with not much luck. Otherwise, he just lays around looking at her like she is nuts.

I did get a picture today with both of them together. Not too close together, but still in the same picture.


The other story of the day. Kalli decided that she likes grape lip gloss. Cassie got 2 necklaces with grape lip gloss in them from the birthday party she went to the other day. One for Kalli and one for herself. They were wearing them while I was making supper tonight. As I turned around I saw this....

It was on her cheek, mouth, and the thumb that she was using to rub it all over her. I took this picture before cleaning her up. She was a little upset that I took it off her lips. "It tastes good!"