Super Mom to the rescue!

Cassie has been sick for the past week. She runs fevers off and on and as time progresses has more and more of a cough. Last night I drugged her up so that she could get some good sleep and I put the girls to bed. At 2am Andy and I headed to bed. This is when the fun started.

It all started with the fact that I couldn't sleep. Then at 2:30 Cassie called for me. I went in to find out that she just needed to be covered up. For some reason she doesn't know how to cover herself.

I had just fallen asleep when Cassie starts screaming for me. It is now 2:45. I went running into her room. Threw the door open and Cassie says very loudly, "She's throwing up!" I turned the light on and went to a panicked looking Kalli as Cassie made a bee-line out of the room.

The funniest part is that Andy slept through all that commotion and only woke up when I called for him to help me out some. Men!

After I finished cleaning Kalli up, stripping the bed, and giving Kalli Ibuprofen for her 102 temp, we all settled in to my room to go back to bed.

At 5:00 Kalli was still awake, but her fever seemed to have gone down. I had not gone to sleep yet and thinking about the fact that I had to work at 9, I woke my sleeping hubby up (how is it guys sleep so easily and moms can't stop being moms?) So anyway, I woke Andy to take Kalli out to the couch so that I could get some sleep.

Fast forward to 7:00 when Cassie woke me. I thought that she had just woke up so I told her to go out to watch some TV. Her response, "I'm not going out there, she is throwing up again"

I went out to help Andy as Cassie hid in my room. By the time I got back to sleep, my alarm went off.

It is a wonder I didn't fall asleep in the water and drown at work.

The girls are both in their bed now, hopefully getting some much needed rest. They both had some medicine and now I'm off to bed too. Did I mention that last night my throat started to hurt?? And now, I just plain old hurt all over.