Our good deed for the year.

Last night the girls helped me string cheerios on thread to hang outside on the trees for the birds. I let the girls take turns stringing cheerios until they both got bored with it. Then I took over and I finished it up tonight.

As the girls were doing their stringing, I was telling them about how during the winters it is harder for birds to find food and that by decorating the tree outside with these cheerios and the other project I have for them to do this weekend, we are helping them out. They both liked that idea.

As Cassie was stringing she said "We are doing a very good thing for the birds, aren't we?" I told her that yes we were and that by doing this we are giving the birds a Christmas gift. Kalli kept walking around saying that the birds would be chirping "tweet tweet tweet....saying 'thank you Kalli and Cassie, we love you' "

We made enough to decorate the tree outside here and one at my parent's house too. Of course, this was the easy project. The more difficult one is this weekend with Andy's help.