December 14, 2007

I was a busy beaver tonight. Little Suzie home-maker.

I mixed up cookies...I'll cut and cook them tomorrow night. I made more hot chocolate. I made up goodie bags for Cassie's birthday party tomorrow. And picked out pictures to put on my calendars.

Impressive, huh? I thought so.


Tonight the girls and I were at my parents while Tony and Kelli were there. Tony was giving the girls a hard time, teasing them. He told Kalli that all the presents under the tree were for him. Kalli looked at him and told him "no". Then wagging her finger in the air said "no opening presents until Christmas!"

Can you say cute???


Cassie's first ever birthday party with her friends. I let her invite 6 friends, one of which isn't able to come, 3 of which we know for sure are coming. We will be going to the theater and using their party room. We will do presents, games, and cake first. Then see "Enchanted" at 1:15. Cassie is very excited. Kalli is more excited then you'd think she should be. And I'm crossing my fingers in hope that the kids all behave themselves. Luckily I'll have adults helping mom, aunt Mary, Andy and myself. 4 adults to 7 kids including Cassie and Kalli. Ratio seems pretty good.