And a Partridge in a Pear Tree!

My children are spoiled. If you were here and looking around our apartment, you would completely agree. It honestly looks like a toy store vomited in middle of our living room. I'm not in the least bit kidding either.

I think that the girls got everything that they wished for. Except for Kalli, who along with the other 10 things she asked for, asked for a puppy...a real one. That won't be happening for quite a while. Not only are dogs not allowed at our apartment and I'm not ready to have a puppy, I also think that Buffy would have a heart attack if we were to bring a puppy home.

We all had a good Christmas overall though. I think I only have a few more white hairs and only a handful of times did I think about running down the road screaming. Pretty good for the stress of the holidays compounded by 2 children that are excited, overtired, and sugared up.

Hoping that you are yours had a wonderful holiday!!